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Apil 24 Information

Get ready to level up your corporate support experience like never before!
Introducing the 24 Club - Corporate Membership

As a socially responsible corporate partner, you have the opportunity to join this exclusive program and make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need. 

With three tiers to choose from:


Flat White


This initiative offers a range of options for your organisation to support our mission while showcasing your commitment to corporate social responsibility and demonstrate your organisation's dedication to making a real change.

Partner with us and be part of a movement that is making a tangible difference in the lives of those facing or experiencing street homelessness.

Espresso cup

Espresso Tier - The 24 Club (warning this tier contains a hefty shot of caffeine)

Welcome to an unparalleled opportunity for businesses with a larger than life commitment to corporate social responsibility… For just £2,400 per month, you'll receive a comprehensive package that includes an array of exclusive benefits. 

- Exclusive benefits included

- CSR Days Program:

- Up to 6 CSR days per year

- Up to 6 team members at a time

- Actively participate in charitable initiatives

- See direct positive effects of efforts

- Coffee4Craig merchandise worth £250 for your team

- Recognition for commitment:

- Plaque displayed in our drop-in center

- Acknowledgment of invaluable support

- Exclusive participation in upcoming celebratory events:

- Approaching 10th year

- Unparalleled exposure and recognition for your business

- Meet and greet with BEZ:

- Renowned personality (Happy Mondays, Dancing on Ice, Gogglebox fame)

- Exclusive to espresso tier corporate partners

- Align your business with our cause

- Make a real difference in the lives of those in need

Flat White

Flat White Tier - The 24 Club 

Looking for an incredible opportunity that will take your business to new heights? Look no further! With Flat White Tier, you get all the perks and more for just £240 a month!


- All benefits of latte tier, PLUS:

- Up to 4 CSR days per year

- Up to 6 team members at a time

- Show commitment to social responsibility

- Promotion of your business:

- Extensive mailing list

- Social media followers

- Get brand exposure to thousands

- Coffee4Craig merchandise for your team worth £100

- Additional merchandise and advertising opportunities after 6 months

- Exclusive pin badge after a year to display membership

- Supercharge your business

- Make a meaningful impact in your community

- Join Flat White Tier now and soar to new heights!

coffee cup latte

Latte Tier - The 24 club


For just £24 a month, you'll gain access to an array of exclusive perks that will take your membership with us to the next level.​

- Membership for £24 a month

- Exclusive perks included

- Up to 2 CSR days per year

- Up to 4 people at a time

- Make a meaningful impact in the community

- Personalized blog posts

- Stay updated on the impact of your visits

- See the real difference you're making

- Exclusive video interviews with co-founders Risha and Hendrix

- Share with your team

- Talk/Q&A session at your office (optional)

- Coffee4Craig merchandise worth up to £50 for your team members

- Exclusive April 24th pin badge after the first year

- Opportunity to join Risha at an exclusive networking meeting

- Expand professional connections

- Premium advertising space on Coffee4Craig website

- Feature exclusive April 24th logo on your own website

- Showcase commitment to social responsibility

- Enhance support experience

- Make a real difference in the lives of those in need

- Join today and unlock exclusive benefits with Coffee4Craig!

Coffee cup
Corporate Support Benfits

How Corporate Support Ignites Employee Passion and Drives Positive Social Impact

Enhancing Employee Well-Being:

Employees who are encouraged to engage in meaningful community activities have reported experiencing a boost in their overall mood and increased productivity levels.

Young Couples

Engaging your employees

Employee Engagement:

Involving your employees in supporting Coffee4Craig can boost team morale, foster a sense of purpose, and improve overall job satisfaction. It also encourages a sense of community and empathy among your staff, creating a positive work environment.

Free Yoga

Positive mental health

Bees at Work


Feeling Part of the Cause: Coffee4Craig believes that everyone has something different to offer, and they want their supporters to feel connected to the cause. 

Unleashing Social Impact: Empowering Change for a Better World!

Supporting a local charity demonstrates your company's commitment to the local community and can have a positive impact on your staff while enhancing your company values.

There are various ways your company can get involved and make a difference.

Fundraising; Organising fundraising events or campaigns within your company can be a fun and engaging way for your staff to support Coffee4Craig. From charity runs to bake sales, there are numerous creative ways to raise funds and make a meaningful contribution to the cause.

Join the April 24 club; The April 24 club membership gives your company more opportunities to become involved in the service we offer our guests. This is an exciting opportunity to show your commitment to social value, plus it's something you can show off to potential clients and wear the badge (literally) with pride when you go for those big contracts. 

Donating Items: Your company can donate practical pre-loved or new items that can benefit those experiencing homelessness, such as clothing, blankets, toiletries, and non-perishable food items. You can also donate surplus products or goods that your company may have, which can be put to good use by Coffee4Craig in helping their guests in need.

Payroll Giving: Setting up a payroll giving program allows your employees to make regular donations to Coffee4Craig through automatic payroll deductions. This provides a convenient and easy way for your staff to support the charity and contribute to its efforts in addressing homelessness.

Volunteering: Your company can organise team-building activities by volunteering at Coffee4Craig projects or events. This hands-on approach allows your employees to directly engage with the charity's work and make a tangible impact on the lives of those experiencing homelessness.

Sharing Talents or Services: Your company may have unique talents, products, or services that could be of value to Coffee4Craig. Whether it's offering professional expertise, providing pro bono services, or donating goods, your company's unique contributions can help the charity carry out its mission more effectively.

Join us today and help us on our mission to eradicate homelessness in Manchester and make a difference today. 

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