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Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Sept 2013, Craig White died of a heroin overdose in a car park in Cardiff, he was the brother of Risha Lancaster. Coffee4Craig began as a reaction to his death and a desire to make the world a little better for those who find themselves on the streets.

Risha and Hendrix Lancaster started giving out coffee on the streets of Manchester that same month and it grew from there. On 28/9/13 Coffee4Craig had their first event with City Temple in Cardiff holding a meal to celebrate Craigs life for the people who shared the last couple of years with him. People who were sleeping on the streets in Cardiff.

The demand for hot drinks went above and beyond the initial expectation of Risha and Hendrix and they felt a calling into the homelessness sector.

Christmas that year they joined Lifeshare in Manchester for their Christmas project and ran a small street kitchen during the night through Christmas and New Year. Starting the work they would continue with people sleeping on the streets.

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