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Updated: Jun 8, 2022

2015 Coffee4Craig, Lifeshare, and CAN team together to start COR (Coalition of Relief Network.) This forum is for grassroots charities and organisations working together to provide a sustainable long term support for people sleeping on the streets in Greater Manchester. The work from this forum has subsequently led to the Manchester Homelessness Partnership, the first Manchester Homelessness Charter and Big Change.

COR Officially launched on World Homeless Day 15 October joined by MCC, The Urban Village Health Center, Breakfast in Bed and Myriad Foundation and Steph and Becky who later formed Reach Out To The Community.

Street Support Launched. A protest was held in Manchester by people sleeping on the streets and tent cities started forming all over the city.

Coffee4Craig started to work with Manchester City Council.

We still ran our 3 night a week Street kitchen at Piccadilly Not Just Soup joined us every Tuesday with different restaurants each week providing the food for the street kitchen and the Cardiff team continued to run a street kitchen every Wednesday.

Street homlessness was becoming prevalent in Manchester and hitting the headlines we were featured in several documentaries including ITV Tonight show

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