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Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Coffee4Craig started to work with MCC on the Cold Weather Provision ensuring people sleeping on the streets got shelter when temperatures hit zero and below. This started a president and Coffee4Craig are now prevalent in the Homelessness Out Of Hours Cities Response Extreme Weather.

Manchester's Homlessness Charter was born and the Homelessness Partnership. This was to help improve homelessness in Manchester bringing together the charities and organisations and people who are homeless working together. From here several Action groups were formed to improve services and get voices heard. We formed the Evening Provision Action Group alongside Barnabus, MCC and Reach Out to The Community to discuss how we could provide a 7 evening a week provision for the city. The Big Change was Launched to provide a fund for the smaller charities to provide essential items deposits etc for peoples first steps away from the street.

Coffee4Craig moved from Picadilly to the back of Manchester Cathedral in September along with NorthWest FirstAid, Not Just Soup, Myriad Foundation, SPIN and VOW. Together we provided a st

reet kitchen 7 evenings a week for people sleeping on the streets.

We also launched an Evening Provision from the YPFS building every Sunday evening, we had started to take our service indoors.

Coffee4Craig continues to provide a street kitchen in Cardiff and start to work with a charity shop in Barry named Craigs' Corner partnering up with a community hub.

Be sure to follow us on social media and join our mailing list to keep up to date with all things Coffee4Craig. All our links, as well as important links to our wish lists, fundraising and donation links, can be found on:

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