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Updated: Aug 5, 2022

August 28th, 11 am - 4 pm @MODA Angel Gardens, Celebrating Creativity, Battling Homelessness

Coffee4Craig is proud to bring Manc Market to MODA Angel Gardens for the first time.

Manc Market will celebrate creativity whilst battling homelessness, featuring traders from Greater Manchester, showcasing incredible hand-crafted goods.

The day will also feature live music in the beautiful garden space, with hot food on offer. Trading is from 11 am - 3 pm, with food and live music available from 12pm.

Traders include:

The Hide Ranger @thehideranger - Small Leather Goods

Higher Vibe Tribe @higher.vibe.tribe - Sculpted/Shaped Candles

Marzipan Manchester @marzipanmanchester - Cupcakes

Floz Craft @flozcraft - Needle Craft/Embroidery Finished Items

Flyttamouse @flyttamouse - Fantasy art, Pyrography jewellery and door plaque

Stone Wolf @stonewolfshopuk - Jewellery & Gifts

Both Barrels @both.barrels - Bags

Streetwise + Conscious @streetwiseconscious Streetwear With Purpose,

Oak and Jazmin @oakandjazmin - Clay Jewellery

Dough So Good Pizza @doughsogoodpizzeria - Hot authentic pizza

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