GUEST JOURNEY // “Bee Smith”

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Multi Agency Working.Coffee4Craig, On The Out and Baubles4Beds.

Bee used to come to our evening provision on a regular basis.

When Bee first attended our evening drop-in they were an extremely vulnerable person, they were actively using substances and were street homeless. Bee was begging on the outskirts of the city as they were regularly being exploited and physically attacked.

It was during this time that the staff at The Meanwhile evening drop-in noticed a sharp decline in Bee’s appearance.

George, from the On The Out team started to work with Bee and was able to refer them to supported housing although a space would not be available for several weeks.

We were able to fund the cost of a B&B for Bee to ensure their safety, thanks to Baubles4Beds who had fundraised for us to be able to put people into hotels in an emergency such as this.

George worked with Bee in the hotel ensuring they were safe and all the correct paperwork etc was filled in, also referring Bee to CGL to enable them to access support for their addictions. They are now on the road to recovery, living in supported accommodation and slowly starting to put their life back together.

*the names of the guests have been changed to protect their identity.

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