GUEST JOURNEY - “Frankie Ray*”

Frankie was a person in a wheelchair that has been coming to our service for several years with their partner. They were placed in an emergency hostel following the bereavement of their parents.

We had not seen Frankie for approximately a year.

They then returned to us saying they had nowhere to stay. I arranged emergency accommodation for that night and then for them to attend The Street Engagement Hub the next day. We were then able to speak to the manager of The Holiday Inn and they were placed there.

Several weeks later Frankie returned to the evening provision saying that they had been staying in people's flats due to experiencing bullying at the Holiday Inn and as a result, had nowhere to go that night.

I was able to arrange for emergency cover that night, allowing Frankie to attend Mustard Tree in the morning while the accusation was looked into. Upon investigation, it was established that Frankie had abandoned The Holiday Inn after several accusations against different people that were unfounded.

I alerted several agencies and asked for a multidisciplinary team meeting (MDT) as they were very clearly vulnerable putting themselves in various dangerous situations, their behaviour had become sporadic and they were claiming they could not remember where they had been or who they were with.

Frankie returned a couple of days later. They claimed they could not remember where they had been but recalled different peoples flats they had been to and thrown out of. I was able to arrange emergency accommodation once again through Out of Hours. I arranged for them to attend Mustard Tree in the morning and for the MCC Outreach Team to meet with them to sort out accommodation going forward for them. Frankie was placed in an emergency hotel until a multi Disciplinary meeting could be arranged with their social worker and the team around them.

By arranging for them to go to their emergency accommodation and then to Mustard Tree in the morning meant that Risha, from the Coffee4Craig Team, had to email and speak to the team at Mustard Tree and MCC Outreach team.

Coffee4Craig booked taxis to transport Frankie to the emergency accommodation and then to Mustard Tree in the morning. The team at Mustard Tree then followed up With MCC to arrange for the Outreach team to sort accommodation going forward. The overall process took a full working day and the team at MT then had to arrange transport for them to come to us that evening until we had confirmation of where Frankie was to be placed, we then arranged transport for them to go to their emergency Accommodation. This was repeated several times and involved several teams to keep them safe.

Frankie then disappeared and came back to us a week later their appearance and mood had taken a steep decline. We tried to arrange emergency accommodation for that night, however, because they had abandoned the hotel that Manchester City Council provided for them, their reservation had been rescinded as it was viewed that they had made themselves “intentionally homeless”.

As a result, Frankie became extremely distressed and began expressing a desire to end their life. We called an ambulance and they were admitted to the hospital.

Coffee4Craig - Street Sign in Manchester

In light of the change in circumstances, the Coffee4Craig team alerted the MCC Outreach team and again asked for another MDT to be arranged.

During their stay at the hospital, Frankie received a diagnosis, explaining their erratic behaviour and reason for fleeing different placements. They are now in temporary accommodation until such time that a permanent place can be found with the understanding of their condition that may cause their erratic behaviour.

This is an ongoing situation. We now attend various MDT’s regarding this person until such time that they can be placed in safe accommodation.

*the names of the guests have been changed to protect their identity.

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