Updated: Jun 8

Jan (79) came to us after being referred from Mustard Tree. Jan was under the impression that they had accommodation available from the council but after working with them we found this not to be the case. Jan had been in Spain for the last 13 years but due to their age and deteriorating health, he came back to the UK. We placed Jan in a hotel due to his vulnerabilities and began working with him to get them housing support.

Jan needed to attend hospital due to their health conditions and was given medication for gout and crutches to help him get about as they were struggling to walk. Due to this, we needed to get a wheelchair to help get Jan about. Whilst in the hotel we provided Jan with clean clothes and food every day as he struggled to get around.

We funded a hotel for Jan for 9 days. During that time his gout began to improve and they were able to get around a little better due to the crutches they were given. They were given a social worker who managed to find Jan accommodation and we helped to get them to their new place and worked with him to get settled until his social worker took over. We will continue to support Jan with anything that they need until they have more permanent accommodation.

*the guests name has been changed to protect their identity.

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