Updated: Nov 16, 2021

RISHA // General Manager & Co-Founder

Craig's Sister, "Mum" of the team, Queen Sparkle Unicorn and one of the back bones of Coffee4Craig.

Risha works in the drop and as part of the admin team and everything in between. She eats, sleeps, breathes, and dreams Coffee4Craig.

HENDRIX // CEO and Co-Founder

Risha's partner in crime, massive United Fan, all round DIY King. Hendrix is part of the admin team, working hard behind the scenes to make sure everything happens in the back ground to make The Meanwhile keep running. Although he's a rare sight in the drop-in, he's a driving force behind pushing the charity forward in everything we do.

HANNAH // Operations Manager

She was off for 12 months while she brought a new human into the C4C team. Welcome Charlie, born during a pandemic, I'm sure he will bring Hannah and Dan many sleepless nights and plenty of fun too!

Hannah will be easing back into the drop-in and navigating the new process' in the back office, offering support to Sam with the daytime move on and working on the governance to keep us all above board and legal! Hannah has been with us since Cathedral Gardens days and we are honoured to have her on the team.

SAM H // Guest Services and Support Manager

Sam is in the process of switching to daytime support, Sam has been with us from the 1st ever street kitchen at Piccadilly on 16th of Jan 2014. She has given her soul to C4C and we are so lucky/grateful to have her on the team.

I'm sure she will now be adding a huge amount of support to our guests in the daytime, continuing working with GMP and The Street Engagement Hub and creating her own unique style of working to help get people off the streets.

ELLE // Executive Assistant

Our resident Sunday barber and spends her week in the office. Elle supports the social media, administration and reporting to keep the funders happy. She is a valuable member of the team and has brought a much needed focus to the back office day to day element of the charity, not too mention the task of taking on Risha and Hendrix, unpacking our brains and creating the reality. Elle also takes care of merch and PR. Elle has a wealth of knowledge and we're proud to have her on board!

GEORGE // Drop in Lead

George is one of the managers at On The Out, a charity that works with prison leavers. We have worked alongside OTO since they began and have started stealing their staff, one by one.

George started in the kitchen, he's a chef, and now he is one of our leads at the drop-in. He's an absolute fire cracker and will always go above and beyond for the guests. He has masses of knowledge and a wealth of experience. If you've got a tough case to navigate, George is your guy.

MARIE // Drop in Staff

Marie is another old timer! Marie has been with us since the first street kitchen and came with Sam H. She took a break due to family commitments but is back and don't we know it!

Marie is a force of nature, she just rolls up her sleeves and gets the job done, if you need anything sorting, organising or just getting on with, Marie is your woman for the job. She cares deeply about every single guest and always has time for a chat. We're so happy she is back and bringing such passion with her each week!

SAM C // Drop in Staff

Sam has been here since the first Facebook post in September 2013, he brings a sense of calm and positivity. He has grown from collecting donations, helping out behind the scenes and is now not only working at the drop-in, but also he has started to take on the public talks, CSR and has even stepped up for the odd 6am meeting to grow the audience.

He is a joy to work with and has a real passion for listening and just being there for the guests. Risha and I are biased, but he really is an amazing chap!!

JODY & Mandi // Receptionist Team

Jody has stepped into the receptionist role and brings a huge amount of IT knowledge. He started as a volunteer during the pandemic and has taken the reception from strength to strength alongside Mandi. They share the role but both bring a different set of skills and knowledge. Mandi brings her 'day job' skills as a medic and her chilled attitude.

Both Jody and Mandi have a relaxed approach to offer the welcome to our guests that puts them at ease each evening. I'm sure you'll agree it's not the easiest job, but they both do it with ease.

STUART // Kitchen Manager

Stuart is our fulltime chef and so much more! The knowledge and experience he brings is phenomenal. Stuart has taken a domestic kitchen and delivered a fully functioning team delivering quality hot food every night.

He also keeps us above board with Environmental Health, food standards and won't let anyone near his kitchen when he is in 'the zone' he is a force and we love working with him!! We're blessed to have someone who can listen to, support and care about our guests and cook for them, bonus!

LIZ // Accounts

Lis takes care of the accounts, book keeping and is the "loft hobbit"!

Liz brings a wealth of experience in many fields, from accounts to fraud, to HR and general life, over 60 years working experience from catering to the motor trade and everything in between! We tend to keep Lis tucked out the way, she is blunt and to the point, you know if she's got the hump and hates when that loft get's messed up!


Iain is a bloody marvel. He works so hard to keep everything in working order, he works in the kitchen when Stuart has his days off and then on top of all that, he is also support staff!

He just keeps going like a Duracell bunny, we have no idea where he gets his energy! He is such an asset to any team and we are lucky to have him, amazing guy!

DAVID // Building Manager

David is our fantastic building guy, he has been with us since the beginning and has seen every change and has a vast knowledge of the sector.

He brings so much knowledge of how to make the experience better for our guests and helps us provide the best experience each evening. How we treat our guests and how they feel when they walk into the drop-in is vital, David helps us see how we can improve on that. He has also started supporting in the PR side of things, not too mention keeping the building up to scratch with fire risk, H&S and reporting any challenges. He's a great guy and is such a valued member of the team!

BILLY // Hygiene Manager & Admin Support

Billy is the newest member of the team and has quickly become part of the C4C family. Not only does he help keep the ever evolving building clean, he's also supports Elle and the rest of the admin team with the more creative parts of the "upstairs" work.

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