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This week...

We are now seeing the reality of the current cost of living crisis, fuel prices soaring, COVID and Brexit all in the last week...

Our guests over the last 7 days have included; 1. A lady who went to Oxford University, has extensive work experience with the EU and speaks 4 languages... Now on the streets, (well a hotel funded by us to prevent street homelessness).

2. A lady who came here on a working visa, has a high-profile job in a University and has been unable to secure accommodation between arriving and starting her job.

She is highly educated and just wants to start work. Another lady who was sleeping at the airport until we funded a hotel... The good news is she has viewings on accommodation booked but we will need to front the cost for advance rent and deposit.

3. A gentleman with severe mental health concerns who has lost his accommodation due to illness and came last night badly sunburnt and required the services of our medics.

4. A lady whom we have known for some years, who was in stable accommodation, who has now been cuckooed and has been threatened with her life if she reports this.

In good news though and to end on a happy note, we have also had a visit from a chap who we accommodated in a hotel, for 3 weeks before he could secure a tenancy, he is now employed and he looked a different guy and we didn't recognise him!

Some journeys have a happy ending, others are working hard to get to their end goal but all are just attempting to navigate the system and make a life for themselves.

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