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Living Wage, Mental Health days and other staff perks....

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

We hear this in other industries all the time, "We aren't like other employers", "Our staff LOVE working for us!" blah, blah, blah...

But Coffee4Craig isn't like other employers.

Not only do we offer a Living Wage, but we all also get paid the same (the person who cleans the loos gets paid the same as the CEO!)

We were told it would never work, we were told it would cause anarchy, but it's done quite the opposite. There's no hierarchy and no one is "more important" than anyone else.

Living Wage Employer

Alongside that, we also give all our staff one mental health day a month. Yep, one A MONTH.

Staff simply need to let us know an hour before they start that they need a mental health day. It's NOT a duvet day, there are no conditions to a mental health day - they can stay in, go to the beach, do whatever they need to recoup some extra serotonin.

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